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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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a lot of fog. >> let's check out your neighborhood with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. live doppler 7 hd picking up low clouds and we will see higher clouds today in the afternoon that is after this lift the dense fog advisory for the north bay, 101 corridor, into i-80 and i-80 through 9:00, visibility less than a quarter mile at our coast, half mile at the airport into the delta, worst in the north bay, will continue down to the east bay hayward, mountain view, six miles now. yesterday san jose had big problems, no problems yet. we still have a long morning to go before that sun is up at 7:00 then we won't see the fog disappear until mid-morning, chilly out there too. good morning sue. good morning. heavy fog, very thick and fog
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advisories for all bay area bridges. san jose lights northbound on 280 past the 17 overcrossing, no fog, very light drive, good visibility in the south bay now. here are the advisories for all the bridges, take extra time when you are heading out this morning. remember to use your low beams looking at your waze app this is san rafael through 101 richmond san rafael bridge slow westbound due to the fog. this is a free app to help you all traffic cameras are fogged in at the app store or google play. one form of traffic that will be heavy all day, web traffic this is cyber monday the big shopping day when online retailers pull out all stops to drive sales. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. how will today compare to black friday? >> reporter: it is interesting, there's a huge gap.
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already five hours into cyber monday the deals began midnight, today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. a lot has changed since cyber monday was created in 2005. the deals are still there, popular clothing brands, 30 to 40% off everything, tv, diamond erins, analysts expect a billion and a half online up 20% from last year only a fraction of the 59 billion dollars people spent in brick and mortar stores 0 the weekend. some are blaming technology. >> used to be we got to work monday, after thanksgiving, we had access to broadband to high speed internet that's where the deals were now that has chained. >> reporter: people have such tech -- technology they can use it at home in the palm of
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their hand people have put a dent in their budget over the past four days the average shopper spent $423, that is an all-time high. we'll see what they have left to spend on this cyber monday, what's a few more dollars if you are going to get a good deal. we've compiled a guide to help you, go to >> katie marzullo, abc7 news. if you are looking for work this holiday season there may be reason to be optimistic retailers are still hiring. the job search website says hiring for seasonal work jumped 6% in october they saw employer demand increase steadily, signaling stronger than expected hiring of workers to fill retail positions, strong hiring of more employees could mean higher demand for goods and better consumer confidence. vallejo father is charged
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with killing a teenager after a fight involving the man's son. 44-year-old randee damar williams was arrested after the shooting 3:30 sunday morning. police say williams' son called him after a fight during a house party. family members identified the victim as 17-year-old gary white, jr. high school student with hopes of playing college basketball. >> they say a loud argue took place on the streets before they heard five or six shots. witnesses helped police locate william at his home in vallejo. chp investigating what caused a head-on crash in the foothills that killed four, including three members of an oakland family, saturday night on highway 50 in camino, police say westbound prius crossed four lanes and was hit head-on by a minivan driving in the opposite direction.
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driver and two passengers in the prius died, 4-year-old in the minivan also killed. oakland victims a 38-year-old, 39-year-old, and an 8-year-old. 10-year-old survive. kira klapper will have much more coming up. starting tonight, san jose leaders are holding neighborhood meetings to get public input on choose the next police chief. chief moore announced he will retire at the end of january. the -- he was promoted two years ago to replace retiring chief days. now he's leaving amid deep budget cuts lay-offs and low morale. the first of four community meetings starts tonight at 6:third -- 30.
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the san francisco sherry's deputy -- the san francisco sheriff's deputy is accused of robbing bank of america on november 7th. police say he handed the teller a note saying he was armed and demanded money he got $1700 in cash. authorities used fingerprints on the note and surveillance video to identify him. boy facing charges as adult in connection with brutal kidnapping of an elderly woman. he will return to court for arraignment later this morning in vallejo. the 65-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint, while walking to her minivan on november 15th. the 14-year-old of vallejo is accused in the case which includes sexual assault, attempted murder and other charges. the victim was found duct taped near i-80 in vallejo.
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passers-by noticed her, rendered assistance and called . detectives located the suspect who returned to the parking lot driving the victim's minivan >> did you see how clear those freeway shots were? >> weren't taken this morning. >> absolutely not. looks more like that now. reduced since we talked last down to 1/8 of a mile at sfo, dense fog advisory north bay, 101 corridor, east bay, fog really thick, you will be driving along and all of a sudden you can see, be sure to use low beeps and take it slow. right now from the -- low beams and take it slow. from less than a quarter of a mile to 3/4 of a mile mountain view went from six to quarter
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of a mile within half an hour. hayward i expect that to change, we'll be looking at this right on through 9:00. not going to lift until 10, 11:00. with the fog temperatures are cool in the 30s and 40s around the bay, 50s closer to san francisco and oakland today, if you are headed out, kpwrab the jacket, take it -- grab the jacket, take it slow by the afternoon 60s again, seasonal, enjoy today and tomorrow, tomorrow more clouds around, some of that fog comes back in the forecast tonight, we are talking about big changes in fact, rain and wind headed our way for the one day morning commute. we don't need to talk much about the fog you can look at it. this is the bay bridge toll, a few headlights, traffic-wise light, socked in upper deck all bridges have a fog advisory. first reports of accident from the chp westbound 78 at lemon
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in vallejo, no further details yet out of antioch towards pittsburg concord good dive, fog there. from the central valley up and over the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area crowded, still at the limit less than 15 minutes. all mass transit great way to go, no delays with bart, muni, caltrain or any other mass transit. good drive for your monday morning, wherever you may be headed. >> 5:09. next a small plane headed from the bay area to southern california crashes near a college campus. how good samaritans sprung into action to rescue the two onboard. recovering from superstorm sandy the important train link running again one month after the hurricane. >> here's america's money report. >> >> good morning. nearly 2/3 of us went shopping over the weekend either in
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person or online, spending more than $400 a piece. president obama was among those observing small business saturday, visiting a bookstore in northern virginia many other shoppers chose the more relaxed independent stores if you buy all the gifts of 12 days of christmas song it will cost more than $107,000 this year, 6% more than last year. partridge and pear tree, just $15. twilight saga picking up another 64 million dollars during the long
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a plane on its way from no to orange county crashed sunday and good samaritans pull the couple to safety. the crash happened near the cal-state university northridge campus the pilot on his way to john wayne airport radioed he was having engine problems the plane careened into a fence flipped and landed on a the man and woman inside escaped serious injury. nobody on the ground was hurt. it has been a violent holiday weekend in oakland police investigating four murders, two women were shot to death yesterday morning found on the sidewalk not far from brookdale park police got several calls at 6 a.m.. investigators say they are following several leads, no word on a motive or suspects. there were two other murders
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saturday, oakland is now dealing with 115 homicides in year, five more than in all of last year. tomorrow will be a national day of mourning in dang burb for the -- in bangladesh for the 100 killed in a factory they couldn't get out of the building which had no emergency exits, fire prompting protest by thousands demanding justice for the victims the factory made products for wal-mart and other companies. egypt's justice minister says resolution is imminent. today president morsi is expected to meet members of the supreme judiciary council to discuss decrees an noed last week his move put him above oversight, including that of the court's the opposition is renounceing the
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victories. this morning, the -- commute got easier for people in new york and new jersey. starting today some train services hit hard by hurricane sandy are back up and running. a lot rely on the path service. parts of lower manhattan's financial district still laboring to recover. real estate consulting firm says of the nearly 50 office buildings shutdown after sandy, half are reopened others could remain closed for weeks if not months. heavy flooding on october 29th, cause severe damage to internal power systems in basements, contractors have been working nonstop to restore power. starting today several shelters in the south bay are set to open ahead of storms and colder months. homeless men, women and children can find shelter at the national guard armories as well as reception center in
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san jose the non-profit life builders will provide 275 beds nightly from now through the end of march. stormy weather comes later in the week, today we have fog. >> kind of hard to see lisa. >> yes, certainly. repeat performance, we had yesterday, the afternoon turned out nice. not a lot of sunshine noontime, starts to cool by three. here's a look at that pea soup, this is the golden gate bridge where visibility north of here has been reduced to less than a quarter of a mile in spots, live doppler now, dry, not picking up any form of rain, this will change by late tomorrow, we are expected to see the first in a series of wet weather makers that will bring not only the rain but gusty winds and high surf, north bay interior valleys until 9:00, 101, i-80 and
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interstate 80 looking at foggy conditions, less than quarter mile towards the delta, concord beginning to slip to nine miles, looks good from hayward to livermore that will change as mountain view went from six mile visibility down to a quarter mile within a half hour. poor visibility along the coast as well. 49 oakland, good morning mountain view, 42 for you, chilly start out there. with the dense fog, another dry day, cooler than yesterday, rain arrives tomorrow, here's a look at a water vapor image, high pressure still in control of the golden state offshore several systems, first going to bring up subtropical moisture, that means high snow levels for the sierra nevada, tahoe area now 54° for the high. we've had high elevation snow, the system to come over the weekend looks cold, that looks like it would be a good
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snowmaker keep our fingers crossed on that tuesday afternoon just clouds around the bay. towards the later afternoon hours, i skipped over that looks like the 4:00, 5:00 time period, wednesday morning, heavy rain, 62 oakland today, 64 san jose mid 60s gilroy, fog this morning, look ahead, temperatures will continue to come down tomorrow with clouds, rain and wind wednesday morning, brief break thursday, more rain for the end of the week that the weekend. good morning sue. light so far, however, the fog is a factor, thick, fog advisories around the entire bay area, including all bridges this is the golden gate bridge, four lanes southbound for your morning commute, fog down on the deck. amazingly when you are at the waldo you come above the fog you can see how thick it is then back down to the golden gate bridge there it is socked in give yourself extra
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time, accident vallejo area westbound 780 at limb men, minor slowing west -- lemon, minor slowing westbound towards 80. off the altamont pass, looking good, getting busy you are in company, 15 minute drive into the dublin pleasanton area out of antioch not bad, 20 minutes towards concord, carquinez bridge to the maze, socked in fog along 80 westbound and just about 18 to 20 minutes towards the bay bridge and the maze. >> 5:19. >> next, the legal fight on bay area beaches, why environmentalists are suing over sand. was it a breach in homeland security or just a mix-up? why experts are raising eyebrows over the confetti used in the macy's parade.
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5:23, thanks for joining us. that's what the golden gate bridge looks like now or what you can see of it. the cars seem to be keeping speeds down. >> golden gate, san mateo and all of the bay area will find fog, thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. good morning. the dense fog advisories with us until 9:00, it won't be burning back until more like 11, 12:00 hours. the worst of it is with us now through 8:00, visibility north bay 101 corridor, bridges, overpasses i-80 and 880 reduced to a quarter of a mile or less look at sfo, 1/8 of a mile, a lot of folks stayed
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over and thought think would make it a longer weekend, mountain view foggy, quarter mile visibility. chilly temperatures on tap, afternoon highs coming down a little, couple dry days before we get big changes. dense fog all around the bay area, specifically on the bridges this morning, this is the san mateo bridge which jut 10 minutes ago you could see clearly now you could see the fog is settling in visibility limited both directs of the san mateo bridge give yourself extra time, keep low beams on that fog is very thick. update on accident in vallejo, now clear westbound 780 at lemon street. looking at our waze app, it does show a lot of the fog around the bay area, our cameras cannot show you atey west or eastbound it is socked in fog, great way to navigate the commute this morning. it is a free app,,
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get more information or download it on the app store on google play. 5:25. an environmental group is going to court to challenge state environment environmental report that could pave the way for more sand in san francisco bay. bay keeper says the stud fails to take into consideration the erosion at ocean beach, the area on the southern stretch of the great highway faces erosion during winter months. last month the state commission approved the review for sand mining permits in san francisco ansa soon bays two companies are seeking 17 --% increase in the amount of sand they can remove over a 10 year lease on state owned land. fallout from macy's parade creating a crisis for one new york police agent the confetti was made from shredded confidential police documents.
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dock -- some of the text can still be read. confetti revealed sensitive information, such as phone numbers addresses and license plates. a police spokesman says the department is very concerned and will conduct a full review. roing stones celebrating music milestone this morning, marking their 50th anniversary with a short concert series. they made a return to the london stage last night. mick jagger got the crowd going when i sang, "i want to be your man" the stones first appeared in a small london pub in 1962, determined to pay homage to the masters of american blues, jagger took time out to than the crowd for its loyalty. 5:27. next, might be hard finding satisfaction out on the roadways this morning. thank you. major traffic advisories because of the fog.
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what you need to know before you hit the road. new details on a deadly northern california accident that kill three members of an oakland family what
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>> >> good morning. 5:29 hope you had a great holiday weekend. you are waking up to fog. your, drive safely as you head into work this morning. i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. it has been dropping, especially in the south bay, visibility has been an th of a mile not picking up rain, -- the income 30 hours that will change, major rainmaker on the way, this morning the dense fog advisory until 9:00, look
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at visibility quarter of a mile mountain view, less than that half moon bay, 8th of a mile sfo, a lot of folks trying to head out of town today or get back home, quarter of a mile in oakland this is going to stay this way, through 8:00, 9:00, we begin to see it lift. then hazy sunshine, we have big changes to talk about in the next several days. good morning sue. good morning lisa. it is foggy, dense fog advisories for all bay area bridges. this is the bay bridge toll, hard to see anything just a few headlights, light traffic, no metering lights, no problems upper deck into san francisco, thick fog on the span. san jose north 280 headlights past 17 overcrossing, clear no problems with fog, traffic is very light. drive times right now altamont pass and there's 101 from novato pardon me santa rosa to novato and 880 to the maze all
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the way through oakland still a good drive take extra caution and time this morning. 5:31. amy hollyfield is watching drivers inch their way through the fog at the bay bridge toll. >> reporter: i have to say they are driving with confidence, take a look at the clip this morning, coming out of the toll plaza, they look like they are slowing down, still moving at a good pace, i guess they are feeling confident about their vision. take a look at what we experienced coming across the bridge. here's what it looked like we did shoot this safely, i was driving my photographer ian babcock was in the passenger seat taking this video, i was driving slowly. the fog makes me very nervous, it is very thick, you can't see very far in front of you. when you suddenly see a car it comes up on you quick. going slow this morning is definitely the advice.
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i checked in with chp they advise that you slow down and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you if you can see it. the good news, they are not getting calls of problems. it seems people in the bay area are skilled at driving in the fog. they know to slow down, use caution, so far no problems, which is great news. the hope is that will continue throughout the commute. if you haven't left the house yet you to need extra time you want to drive slowly this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:32 series of deadly car crashes over the holiday weekend from the bay area to the sierra. most devastating under investigation now on highway 50, three members of an oakland family are dead. kira klapper joins us now. >> reporter: the california highway patrol and the people living in the sierra town of camino have different ideas about what caused the gruesome holiday weekend collision. a prius crossed over four
5:33 am
lanes and slammed into an oncoming minivan saturday night, both cars were carrying children, four were killed, five injured. people who live near -- nearby say crashes like this happen a few times of year on this busy stretch of highway 50 some say the speed is the problem it used to be 55 but raised to 65 in recent years another resident says the crash was a result of a collision with a deer. >> she honked her horn and it limped away, half an hour, 20 minutes after the crash. maybe the car nicked the deer and during when it -- didn't want to hit it or something itch >> reporter: -- the chp does not believe that is the case. the investigation is ongoing. three of the four victims are from an oakland family. a 38-year-old, 39-year-old,
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and 8-year-old all died in the prius many 10-year-old survived. in the minivan, a 4-year-old girl die. members of the oakland family tell us the funeral for their relatives will be held wednesday december 5th in san lorenzo. more sad news, highway patrol says bay area fatalities are up from last year at this time, seven people have died on bay area roads compared to six last year. chp says this bmw was going fast in foggy conditions yesterday morning when it rear-ended a big rig on i-80. one person died at the scene. a second victim was airlifted to a medical center. highway patrol trying to track didn't a driver who struck a pedestrian northbound 101 near sfo saturday night. woman walking on the freeway was hit by several cars. the first driver did not stop. the investigation kept the northbound lanes shutdown for
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nearly three hours. bay area dui arrests up compared to a year ago. numbers from chp midnight wednesday to midnight saturday, 159 arrested, nine more than last year. final count through last night will be released later in the morning. >> new this morning, police in east palo alto investigating a shooting that left a man wounded around 8:15 sunday evening officers got a shot spotter warning eight alerted them to gunshots in the area of addison off highway 101 officers found the 49-year-old victim sitting in his car with multiple wounds, taken to the hospital no word on his condition, police think more than one suspect may have been involved. 5:36. now that black friday is over, it is time for cyber monday today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. retailers have been holding this sale since 2005. all sorts of items, many that
5:36 am
include free shipping are being offered. one firm says it is expects sales to be around 1 1/2 billion dollars. a fraction of the nearly 60 billion dollars spent in stores over the weekend, big enough draw for crooks. >> guys are creating fake e-tailer websites and they are designed to get you to enter your credit card information and often these fake sites revolve around gift cards. >> to protect yourself, experts say shop with retailers you know, make sure the site is secure with an https in the web address and use a credit card instead of a debit card. katie marzullo will have more coming up in a live report. you can get more on today's online shopping resources on cyber monday may be the per peck day for shopping, especially in the fog. -- let's check in with
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lisa to see how challenging, we haven't seen it like this in a long tie. >> unless you were up early yesterday, we had dense fog yesterday, doppler not picking up rain, that will change in the next 24 to 30 hours major system heads ouara,w way with rn and wind right now citizens fog this north bay, 101 into the east bay, visibility reduced to many an 8th of a mile in some spots fog advisory until 9:00 then begins to lift 10:00. take a look at the north bay, everyone impacted except concord, live more doing good, as well as san jose, airports 8th of a mile less than a quarter of a mile half moon bay lower 50s from fremont to san francisco, los gatos 41, 43 san jose, grey skies, pea soup, fog. here's when you can plan on that clearing, 8:00, hour
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things improve significantly, back into sunshine, temperatures will be a little cooler, around average for this time of year, low to mid 60s looking good, more fog heads our way, should be patchy overnight tonight, one more dry day until things really change leading up to a rainy commute wednesday. sue how is the commute so far? >> so far, so good. thank you. the fog to be concerned about and getting busier out of central valley speeds slowing a little as you make your way towards the altamont pass 20 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area from the altamont. again, slowing out of antioch, fairly typical for this time of morning. pittsburg, concord under 20 minutes as you make your drive westbound 4. incident with motorcycle down northbound 101 past 380 on the shoulder, the driver is not hurt, just motorcycle broke down, the word when he are getting. marina district of san francisco, accident
5:39 am
filmore at chestnut involving a pedestrian, a car hit a pedestrian, it is foggy, as you make your way out you might want to download this the waze app, 80 westbound leaving fairfield in through vallejo, very thick fog here as well towards the skyway into crockett and row day yes, thick fog as well, -- rodeo, thick fog as well. download this free from the app store or google play. next, new information about a carbon monoxide leak that sent residents of a san francisco home to the hospital. why the cause is still under investigation. the future of bart up for debate. what the transit system might es ñ
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here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. good monday morning. golden gate bridge traffic flowing good the fog is a problem, dense fog advisory throughout the bay area not only the north bay, this is affecting visibility less than a quarter of a mile 8th of a mile at sfo and 8th of a mile in mountain view be careful. 5:43. new this morning, san francisco general hospital
5:43 am
is joining the list of those suing the los angeles dodgers and former owner frank mccourt over the beating of brian stow. the hospital is asking for 1.2 million dollars to cover the cost of providing extensive brain trauma care his family is suing the team for 50 million dollars. the 43-year-old stow was brutally beaten by two dodger fans outside dodger stadium following the opener against the giants. san francisco health officials trying to find the source of carbon monoxide gas that sent a dozen to the hospital last night. the victims called for help from a building on courtland avenue about 7:00 when several of them reported feeling faint. they haved positive for a carbon monoxide poisoning and -- they tested positive for carbon monoxide poisoning and were rushed to the hospital their alarm had been going off over several days they thought the batteries were low. >> lightheaded dis ness some
5:44 am
of the indications. carbon monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning in the country. fire and pg&e crews found nothing wrong with any of the appliances the source remains a mystery. abc7 news and bay area fire departments have joined forces to prevent deaths from fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, our campaign is intended to raise awareness and increase the number of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in hopes. part of initiative go to look under see it on tv. have you been getting e-mail offers? some of the nation's biggest retailers are enticing shoppers to keep spending on this cyber monday. retailers like amazon, barnes & noble and sears unveiling new bargains to keep
5:45 am
shoppers spending. spending in stores and online over the four day weekend rose 13% to 59 billion dollars, average experience spending $423, up more than 6% from last year, online thanksgiving sales jumped to a record high, online sales after thanksgiving up 26% to more than a billion dollars, cyber monday retailers highlighting online deals people shopping from computers at work some say cyber monday is no longer a one-day event it is really cyber weekend. european debt crisis higher close for stocks tie day s&p seeing biggest day after -- friday, s&p seeing biggest day after thanksgiving. index based on cost of buying items in the 12 days of christmas song up 5%,
5:46 am
christmas price index went up in part because of this year's drought, the price of geese and swans soar, price of a pear tree and golden rings, also soared. just take a look out there when you wake up, foggy. >> it is foggy, rather shallow layer we are going to see sunshine we should enjoy it because we have a couple of rainy days by the end of the week. here's a look outside, wow, where is this? can even see it! san mateo bridge, case in point, dense fog advisory not just the north bay, also much of the 101 corridor into the east bay, i-80 and -- interstate 80 and i-80. tomorrow active, against day morning heavy rain and strong
5:47 am
wind fog advisory highlighted in purple, across the east bay, near east bay, through san francisco, we said investigation ability less than a quarter of a mile it is worse around the airport, getting worse around mountain view, palo alto, san carlo, be careful, the coast less than a quarter of a mile north bay, is just horrible. east bay right now not too bad around concord and live more. we will look for the conditions to improve rapidly after the 7:00 hour, then into 8:00, , it should be lifted and we'll be in good shape, -- 50 fremont, san francisco 52, throughout the next several hours, 8:00, through the delta, that is about it. we get into our last sunny afternoon tomorrow more clouds, partly cloudy, seasonal today, tomorrow cooler, then here
5:48 am
comes that strong system wednesday morning. it is a quick mover but will bring up subtropical moisture that means high snow elevations and a quick shot of rain. here it is now, 4:00 wednesday morning, take a look, really quick through 9:00, 10:00, scattered showers in the afternoon. 64 fremont today as well as san jose, nice mild afternoon in salinas, 68 there, temperatures around much of the state nice after the fog barnes off, rain wednesday, break thursday, more rain friday, into the weekend. -- >> nothing is the main issue, live look at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet, bit of a delay if you are paying cash heading into san francisco. the fog is on the er -- upper deck, thick in spots. san jose no fog nice drive 280 northbound past 17 junction towards cupertino, fog has not
5:49 am
arrived in san jose as lisa predicted it might in a few minutes. northbound 101 past 380 after the airport motorcycle on the shoulder no injuries, in san francisco, filmore and chestnut first report of a bike and car, no car involved just a bike down, no problems for that area, drive times out of antioch highway 101 through marin, san mateo bridge not bad thick fog on all bay area spans. 5:49. bart directors have begun reviewing early results of a study into new service called bart metro allowing 50% more to ride bart by 2025. it would proud everything from updating the service with express runs to trains that split in half and head in different directions. the planning is expected in the next 10 to 15 years.
5:50 am
express service would allow trains to zip through lesser used stations, rush hour passengers would be picked up every 12 minutes instead of 15 and increased night, weekend and transbay service. offer from peninsula humane society is in response to an over population of chihuahuas in animal shelters the breed accounts for more than 20% of dogs that are brought in. the cash incentive was made possible by a donation and will be in effect . next, uptick in the number of people buying guns the surprising reason that could explain the jump in sales. will a popular bay area oyster farm be forced to close? important
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good morning. live doppler 7 hd this morning quiet, that will change in the next 24 to 30 hours this morning dense fog not only in our north bay valleys, but along 101 also into the east bay, interstate 80 and 880
5:54 am
where visibilities have been reduced to less than a quarter mile common in the north bay to have zero visibility at times also peninsula towards mountain view, east bay and south bay doing good, going to take until after sunrise for things to improve. look at that, by 9:00, 10:00 hazy sunshine, mild afternoon. good morning sue. good morning lisa dense fog advisories for all bay area bridges, live look at golden gate bridge coming up the waldo you get in the clear then back on span you can see it is right down thick on the deck limited visibility give yourself plenty of time. drive times 280 up the peninsula into san francisco, 24 leaving walnut creek towards the caldecott tunnel under 20 minutes. east shore 80 westbound from the carquinez to the maze about a 20 minute dive, very, very foggy in that area -- minute drive, very, very foggy in that area. since election day one
5:55 am
sector of the economy has shown explosive growth probably not the kind of stimulus white house wants to see, people have been buying up guns and ammunition at a frantic pace out of concerns the administration might push ahead new restrictions. newspapers reports gun and ammo sales are twice than this time last year. they fall short of the mad rush to buy firearms after the president was first elected in 2008. gun retailers warn there could be shortages on the horizon in sales continue at their current pace. this week a decision is expected on fate of a popular north bay oyster farm, abc7 news has been reporting on the fight over drake's bay company since 2007. the park service claims the -- harming the environment and they want i closed. the national academy of sciences found the park service environmental review lacks strong scientific support because there wasn't enough data available.
5:56 am
interior secretary salazar has the final say his decision is expected within the next few days. drake's bay has been in operation since 1934 and is the last cannery on the west coast. health warning about bouncey houses for children. new study shows those houses can be dangerous, the report suggests 30 children a day are sent to the emergency room from bounce house accidents. "good morning america" will have a full report on the dangers posed beginning at 7 a.m. after the abc7 morning news. 5:56. next, thick fog in many parts of the bay area. we'll have the latest on the weather and traffic for your morning commute. cyber monday, the biggest shopping day for online retailers, we'll have a look at what is different and how to protect your personal data.
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now at 6:00 dense fog spreading across the bay area. here's a live picture from the golden gate bridge where you have to take it slow. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the area with the worst visibility. [ inaudible ] thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. the turkey is again, let's
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